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Norway to deliver verdict on Breivik sanity

A Norwegian court will deliver its verdict in the 10-week trial of gunman Anders Behring Breivik on Friday, deciding whether to send him to jail or a mental hospital for the massacre of 77 people last July.

The Oslo courthouse heard harrowing evidence of how Breivik first blew up the capital’s government quarter, then murdered 69 mainly teenagers with chilling remorselessness on Utoeya island.

Prosecutors have demanded a verdict of insanity, while many of his victims say only a sane person could have carried out such a complex attack.

Whatever the five judges decide, Breivik will be locked up in solitary confinement inside the maximum security Ila prison on the outskirts of Oslo.

Breivik himself gave evidence, not just about the killings, but about his motives.

His defence lawyer believes justice will be done.

“He has made it clear that if he is convicted as legally insane, he will appeal the decision,” Geir Lippestad, Breivik’s
defence lawyer, said on Thursday. “If he is convicted as sane, he will accep

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