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We Are in Situation Where Hard Talking Simply Won’t Suffice We Need To Fight And Kill

Awdalstate people as whole has been patient on many occasions about numerous issues and matters concerning their land and dignity and I don’t believe we have been brave enough to defend our women, children and resources at all but instead we were stupid enough to be patient for the so called peace under which we are being slaughtered, insulted and divided and I think we really need to have the guts to kill those who have killed us and be ready to defend our resources and land under any circumstance without hesitations.


They said history repeats itself don’t you think once again the BINU AHMAD kicked in to show us what we thought was over, were just a plan on hide and seek game under the false mirage peace, the peace we claim we have created and accepted it unconditionally became our own enemy and there is no way out of it until we are brave enough to break it.


Let’s not pretend these issues are nothing and small for nothing is even something and because as one of Awdal, I know deep down in our hearts that we all don’t belong to Hargaisa or Muqdisho and that we all want to belong and be what our grand grandfathers was and the only way to be what we want and the only way we can honour our grandfathers’ wishes is simply to be who we are because the best we can be is Gadabursi so why not be just be Gadabursi by defending and controlling your only one region and be part of the greater somalis by your own will.


I believe that the ability to kill and defend yourself is fundamental to human existence therefore our existence is based on a fight for gain, and whoever cannot kill his enemy by defending and having revenge for his blood has no right to an existence. Having the guts to kill enables to have the guts to defend yourself in times of danger so I don’t think that we really do need to hide under other common principles and values because the first human principle is the survival principle, being able to survive is first and the only one principle we need to have and value at this time, the rest we can have them once we make sure and become ready enough to survive in the short and long term because this is one occasion when a hard talking simply won’t suffice.


So finally it’s now the time when Awdal people was about to cut the ties with their enemies posing as neighbourhood friends and stand up for the greater sake of the current and upcoming generations by intentionally policing and basing our own made military in the whole region of Awdal.


By Samaron Rooble Hassan



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