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Heshiiskii Gadabuursigu La Galay Dawladda Faransiiska 1885( ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

Zaylac-Boramacity.com-The real history of the city and its region Zeila and stories treaties with Europeans. It is my duty and pleasure to speak in the debate created by artificial IOG and attempt to acquaint readers with the historical truth, the cultural city of Zeila and its region. My historical arguments are undisputed, dates, places, notes, characters like Ougasse Roble Nour, Henry King …., authors, books or URL references .. Etc.. In this region, there has been two treaties signed by Gadabourcis. When Europeans arrived in Somalia (France-Gadaboucis, Britain-Gadabourcis).

I invite you to historical debate and certainly not the story invented by the IOG Mabrase of Haramouse. Do not talk to me more, the treaty assumed Daher Riyale has signed in 2003 Haramouse for a diplomatic passport and a sum of money. A charming town with friendly people and relaxed lifestyle, individualistic, practicing moderate Islam. It is a city of artists and poets. The Issas have a collective behavior governed by a rule xeer Issa (Issa the Penal Code), Ougas, systematic rejection of others and fear of others that ensure their unity. This is contrary to the spirit of the city of Zeila. Good reading to you all and see you soon …… March 25, 1885 – the treaty with France.

Saylac 1

Mr. Henry, Consul of France in Zeila, signed with M Roble Nour, Ougasse Gadaboursi of an Agreement establishing the Protectorate of France over the Somali-Gadaboursis.http://www.ardhd.org/francais/date.htm Representatives French and British respectively Zeila (Henry and King) are engaged in a “race to the flag” in 1885-1886. England boasts several protectorates in northern Somalia (see above). In turn, Henry concluded a treaty of protectorate with “Nour Roble, Ougasse of Gada-bourcis” March 25, 1885 145, and the city of Zeila 20 August 146. March 26, Lagarde signed a treaty with the “leaders Issa” which provides that “the territories belonging to the ougasse Roble Nour of Gada-bourcis from” Arawa “to” Hélôé “since Helo up” since Lebah it “,” it until Lebah “coulongareta the extreme limit near Zeila, are placed directly under the protection of France (Art1er) 147.This is the name that in April 1886 the French flag was hoisted to “Dungarela” 149. In December, Foreign Affairs inform the colonies they requested explanations from London 150 after which the two powers decide to change their local representative. -Page 71 Simon Imbert-Vier Draw borders Djibouti. Territories and men in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Treaty 25 March 1885 – Corpus texts To cite this document

* 146 – Treaty August 20 – Corpus of Texts To cite this document December 1884 – the treaty with Great Columbia. The British Gadaburci Treaty.http://www.awdalmedia.com/page.php?story=1163Conclusion In 1885, Issa chiefs who signed the treaty with Lagarde (see above) in the territory of the Republic of Djibouti -d’aujourd’hui. They recognized themselves Samarone people’s sovereignty and authority of the ougasse Roble Nour in the city of Zeila to Harar but also. What’s the point of inventing a false story Mabrase Ismail Omar Guelleh Haramouse. Unfortunately for him, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to show the true history and nobody has the means to challenge. In any event, IOG and cliques …. Mr.Abdi Ali – Paris

In the event of major difficulty for viewing texts, we kindly find below:

* 145 – Treaty 25 March 1885 – Corpus of texts

March 25, 1885 – Treaty of Protectorate of France over the territories of countries Gada-boursis Between the undersigned J. Henry, Consular Agent of France in Zeila and Harrar-dependencies, and Roble Nour, Ougasse of Gada-boursis sovereign, independent of the country of Gada-boursis and To save the interests of the latter requesting the protectorate of France It was agreed that: Art. 1 – Territories belonging to Ougasse Roble Nour-of-Gada boursis from “Arawa” to “Hélo” from “HELO” Lebah to him, “since” Lebah it “to” Coulongarèta ” the extreme limit near Zeila, are placed directly under the protection of France. Art. 2 – The French government will have the ability to open one or more ports of trade on the coast belonging to the territory of Gada-boursis.Art. 3 The French Government shall have the right to establish customs in positions open to trade, and border points of the territory of Gada-boursis where it deems necessary. Of customs tariffs will be set by the French government, and the income will be applied to public services.

Saylac 2

Art. 4 – regulations for the administration of the country will be developed later by the French government. Agree with the Ougasse of Gada-boursis they will always revisable to the will of the French government, a French resident may be established on the territory of Gada-boursis to sanction by his presence the protectorate of France. Art. 5 – The troops and police in the country will be lifted from the natives, and will be under the command of a senior officer designated by the French government. Weapons and ammunition for the native troops may be provided by the French Government and the balance paid out of the public revenue, but in case of failure, the French government will provide it. Art. 6 – Ougasse of Gada-boursis to recognize the right processes in France against him, is committed to protecting the caravan routes, mainly to protect French trade throughout the whole of its territory. Art. 7 – Ougasse of Gada-boursis undertakes not to make any treaty with any other power, without the support and consent of the French government. Art. 8 – A monthly allowance will be paid to the Gada-Ougasse boursis by the French government, the allocation will be determined later by a special agreement, after the ratification of this Treaty by the French government. Art. 9 – This treaty was made voluntarily and signed by the Ougasse of Gada-boursis who undertakes to carry out faithfully and to adopt the French flag as the flag. In witness whereof the undersigned have affixed their seals and signatures.

J. Henry Signature Ougasse Done at Zeila 9 Djemmad 1302 (25 March 1885). The two sources contain only copies. Reference ANOM Treaty 7 – MAE Treaties. Ethiopia 18850027 …. To cite this document To cite this document djbouti.frontafrique.org /? Doc30 orhttps://pastel.diplomatie.gouv.fr/choiseul/ressource/pdf/D18850027.pdf * 146 – Treaty August 20 – August 20 Corpus texts 1885 – Treaty of Protectorate of France over the city and its territory Zeyla Preamble The undersigned, SE Abu beker, Emir of Zeyla and Mr Joseph Henry, consular agent of France in Harrar, Zeyla and outbuildings, it was agreed and signed the treaty of protectorate, to safeguard the rights of HE Abu beker, Emir of Zeila, the said Treaty is based on the following considerations.

Whereas before égypienne occupation in 1875, the city and its territory Zeyla was under the control of the Emir Abu SE Necker, the city of Zeyla never belonged in fact to any foreign power, the proof is that when claims of France to the Ottoman Porte, about the assassination of the consul of France, Mr Lambert in 1859, the Porte ottomae declined any responsibility, stating that the city and its territory Zeyla n ‘ was not subject to its jurisdiction. It is historical truth that if the Ottoman Porte had retained a sort of suzerainty over Zeyla, the bond between this country to the Ottoman Porte was purely moral, and that was the Caliph to the Emir was act dependence, not the ruler of the Ottoman Porte.Whereas during the Egyptian occupation, the Ottoman Porte renounced the sovereignty it claimed to exercise moral and Zeyla on its territory, transferring the government of HH the Khedive of Egypt, the same waiver was held to ports “Massahoua”, “Beïllul” and “Berbera” ports that were occupied, the first two in Italy and the third by the UK without any protest from Egypt. Whereas the Khedive of Egypt has been waived to exercise its rights of sovereignty over the city Zeyla, leaving occupy the city by foreign troops, saying that if the troops were to evacuate there to fear that another power does not come to seize, as the product is “Massahoua” Beïllul and Berbera, in this case the rights of the emir Abu beker, in which the sovereignty of the city and Zeyla its territory must return, would be harmed and unknown, against all justice.

Saylac 3

Abu beker excellence, acting in its full sovereign rights of Zeyla and territory, said, and said, under the protection of France Zeyla city and its territory as it was defined before the occupation Egypt. For its part, the Government of the French Republic declares grant protection to the Emir Abu beker to Zeyla and its territory, under the conditions stipulated by the treaty following.

Art. 1 – The city of Zeyla, and is dependent territory under the direct protection of France.Art. 2 – SE Abu beker, Emir of Zeyla, resumes and retains all rights to which he had been deprived by the Egyptian occupation. Art. 3 – The Government of the French Republic undertakes to protect and enforce the territories subject to the emir Abu beker, and to whom it may mean the protection it affords to the Emir Abu beker, and territory under its sovereignty. Art. 4 – The guard and police Zeyla and its territory will be done by native troops raised by the Emir Abu beker, weapons and ammunition may be provided by the French government, and balance will be deducted from the income Customs and other taxes existing or in the city and its territory Zeyla. However, in cases where customs revenues are not sufficient to maintain troops and the administration of the territory under the protection of France, the government of the French Republic could provide and charge care costs, police and administration. In this case, an agreement would be established between the French government and the Emir Abu beker for the redesign of customs tariffs and other revenues of the city and its territory Zeyla. Art. 5 – It will be taken on public revenues before any other tests the amount of the civil list of the Emir, and the salary of his son Abu beker Buran will remain in charge of native police without this levy can never be less of 1500 francs per month for Buran Abu beker. In case of insufficient public revenue, the French Government agrees to pay to the Emir Aboubeker, and his son Buran, the amounts specified above. Art. 6 – If the French government deems appropriate in the interest of the extension of trade and transactions within a declaration Zeyla free port, all administrative costs are dependent. Art. 7 – Financial Management protectorate will be entrusted to French officials or delegates French resident, which will be added a special representative appointed by the emir Abu beker. Art. 8 – A French resident will be established Zeyla to sanction by his presence the protectorate of France and Zeyla on its territory. Art. 9 – The French government will send an officer Zeyla instructor, who will organize the native troops and the command will be higher. Art. 10 – The emir Abu beker to recognize the good procedures in France against him, undertakes to use its influence Aures tribal leaders from within to ensure sécurtité roads of Harar Galla country and Abyssinia. It will help protect and will protect French trade in the interior, by means of its relationships and alliances with tribal leaders. Art. 11 – The French government will have the ability to protect and promote its national trade, establish prohibitive tariffs on foreign goods and products. Art. 12 – Regulations of Public Administration, developed in agreement with the Emir Abu beker and French resident, will be enacted later after approval of the French government. Art. 13 – Abu beker SE, Emir of Zeyla is committed to reject any proposal for an alliance or treaty with a foreign power or more. In the case of treaties and alliances would be recognized helpful to the prosperity of the country, they can not be made without the consent and assistance of the French government. Art. 14 – This Treaty shall enter into force on the day on which the two contracting parties deem it necessary to protect their interests, but today it supersedes any other agreement SE Abu beker, Emir of Zeyla could go to this date with another power.

In witness whereof the undersigned have said and say that the said treaty, according to diplomatic usage, the French text shall prevail was signed voluntarily and engaging to observe fidèlemet, have affixed their signatures and seals .

Made Zeyla, August 20, 1885 Stamp of the “Consular Agency of France – Harrar” and signed J. Henry Stamp and signature (in Arabic): Amir Abu bekr

Additional article, part of the Arabic text in the # 15 – There shall be allowed on public revenue and Kamel Abu Ibrahim Abu beker beker son of the Emir Abu beker, one hundred thalers by Marie-Thérèse each month. They will be responsible for organsier caravans on the roads and in the countries belonging to the coast of France and the countries under its protectorate. Signatures and seals: idem “France”, “French” and “French Republic” are written differently, by another hand it seems, but not in the treaty preamble. Reference MAE Treaties. Ethiopia 18850028 To cite this document djbouti.frontafrique.org /? Doc32, Available online orhttps://pastel.diplomatie.gouv.fr/choiseul/ressource/pdf/D18850028.pdf December 11, 1884 – the treaty with Great Columbia . The British Gadaburci Treaty.http://www.awdalmedia.com/page.php?story=1163

Reff: Hildan,  by Abdi Ali


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